Can non-US residents participate in Mega millions?

Mega millions is the 2nd biggest lottery in the United States, if you are looking to win big then mega millions might just be for you. If you are a resident of 12 federal states in the United States then you can play mega millions. This was the only option before with mega millions being centred in Michigan but now thanks to the internet you can play for anywhere in the world pretty much. Non- Us citizens can also participate in megamillions online. It would be a pain to try to fly into America especially if you are a regular player, wouldn’t it? That’s why with services like the Lottery you can now play online from the comfort of your home. Playing online has never been easier. If you are a non-resident all the typically rules like your age are very much applicable. TO crack the mega millions jackpot you need to get five numbers right. The chances of winning are pretty big considering there are other prizes in store too. The jackpot is typically paid out as 26 yearly payments instead of one lump sum. So if you are residing in Europe or Canada you can surely play Mega Millions online and have fun.

So why Your Dad Should Enjoy LoL on Father’s Working day

teemo fathers day

With father’s day fast nearing you’re probably trying to decide what to get him. For anyone who is buying a unique gift idea idea then why not get him a LoL account? He’s probably already got enough stockings and jumpers to previous him a lifetime!

Even though it might seem to be a lttle bit unusual at first getting your dad a LoL accounts for father’s day. Notice us out and there is plenty of good reasons why you should!
Spend Some Time Collectively

Dads can be active guys, spending all day at work then arriving home late at evening after having a long day. It can be hard for them to spend some good time with their children if they work long hours and are drained.

Father’s day is often on a Saturday and is always a day of rest. For what reason not seize this possibility to spend some with your dad. If you are an dynamic LoL player then this would be a great way to introduce him to your world and have absolutely him what all the fuss is about.

Hahaha runs well on most computers nowadays so if you have an extra personal computer get that out make it up. You might need to teach your dad the basics of the sport first so he comes with an idea of what he’s doing. But after a quick tutorial he should get the hang of it and you’ll be ready to face some real opponents.

For the best experience we would recommend playing bottom lane as ADC and support so you can be in close proximity to the other person to help him out.

Have fun

Right now we’re not saying your dad is going to be a professional within an hour of using the game. In truth he might not really manage a full game. But whatever the result it’s certain to be a great laugh!

When you can think about all the enjoyment you have when you play with your friends, imagine the fun you’ll have when you get your dad! That would be best to start out off with some pvp bot games first to make certain this individual understands the game. Although after that quick tutorial you are going to be prepared to play some normal games against real players.

Depending how bad (or good) you daddy is you could let him switch role attempting to play some middle or top lane on his own. Consider of all those years as a young child your dad carried you around. Now’s your chance to repay him and bring him through some game titles!

They Might Already Enjoy

With League of Tales being one of the most popular games in the world with thousands of active monthly players there’s a good chance your dad could already play. If your daddy is up to time with technology and computer systems then he may play a few games in his spare time. Get heard about people’s dads covertly playing Farmville and Chocolate crush so you never know he could privately already be a Rofl player.

He could be having fun with friends from work in his spare time and trying to climb up the ranked ladder. Or perhaps he might have discovered you play the game yourself and he would like to surprise you with his mad skills. Very well surprise him back by getting him his very own LoL smurf bank account!

Who knows your father could already be a pro, and you should be requesting him to hold you!

That they Enjoy an Obstacle

Some parents love challenging, and if you challenge these to a game of League of Legends they just defintely won’t be able to refuse.

In the event that they’ve never played before you will need to give them a heat up match and make clear basic principles to him. Yet once they’ve had somewhat of practise it will be all out battle to prove who’s the true man of the house.

You could challenge them to a 1v1 game were you both meet in the centre lane and the person to destroy the others nexus wins. In the event that’s too complicated for your old man you could try something less complicated like a race to 300 CS, or the most kills within 20 minutes.

One things for sure, whoever wins in the end there will still be a call for a rematch!

When you need an extra LoL account so that your dad can play with you on father’s day why waste your time levelling one? We offer a variety of level 30 Hahaha smurf accounts for different regions and since dad’s day is soon wish offering everyone a discount.

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The New World Order At LoL’s Mid-Season Invitational


With an increase of twists and changes than you typically find within an complete season of expert league of Legends, the group level of the Mid-Season Invitational finished with a leaderboard that appeared like something from another universe.

China’s LoL Expert League was basically written-off as where good Korean benefits visited get wealthy while their skills passed on, following a few months of bad headlines and dodgy shows that made the complete region appear to be a Potemkin esports arena. The aptly-named Royal Never QUIT (RNG) absolutely ran the stand at this event, heading undefeated in the beginning times of competition.

Counter Logic Gambling seemed like these were going to check out the depressingly familiar script for many North American Little league champions: they might show some indications of life, get people’s expectations up that maybe the spot has produced a credible international contender, and go slipping down the standings in to the barely-better-than-a-wildcard region then.

Their reduction to Turkey’s SuperMassive eSports team on the next day of the event seemed almost to ensure ignominy for the People in america… and they triumphed in three direct game titles and were able to finish off second by the ultimate end, as well as level this masterpiece of an return against RNG.

But there is nothing more unusual than the precipitous collapse of SK Telecom, a team that has appeared likely to turn into a repeat world champ this year and additional establish middle laner Faker as some type of Michael Schumacher-like, era-defining superstar. That is a team that looked poised to crush all comers at MSI… and instead they fallen four straight game titles and plummeted into 4th put in place the standings. Just like a change anywhere has been tossed, their play has felt bizarrely haphazard and ill-considered.

Again then, this can be an SK Telecom team that’s looking for its new personality after shedding their in-game head from previous year’s team, as well as find a far more suitable player in the jungle role. Simply because they don’t have overall confidence in one another, it’s not unusual that, when confronted with adversity, the team has began to crumble.

Before we start hand-wringing over the continuing future of the world’s ideal Group of Legends team, it’s worthwhile remembering that this past year the team appeared to be having trouble building a self-assured lineup. Sometimes it appeared as if the squad was considering life after Faker, dealing with middle laner Easyhoon as his identical throughout a lot of the calendar year. But by Worlds, that experiment was over. SK was definitively Faker’s team again, and Easyhoon surely got to watch his squad win another tournament from the sidelines. While the problems SK has with the jungler position this year seem to be to run a lttle bit deeper, MSI is the perfect time to recognize them.

THE BRAND NEW World Order At LoL’s Mid-Season Invitational
Crisis for SK Telecom at MSI, by Riot Video games. Source
During all the story twists as of this tournament, I kept in mind how positive EDG appeared in the wake with their MSI success over SK Telecom this past year. I pondered if China’s top groups hadn’t were able to close the space separating them from a team like SK Telecom. Worlds came around then, and the assessment was laughable. If anything, SK Telecom seemed further before their international competition even. If the stakes were higher, SK Telecom chewed up your competition with the assault and quickness of the wood-chipper.

MSI is the best chance to observe how the top clubs of every different region build up against each other, so there’s a solid temptation to learn portent in to the results. It’s an opportunity to struggle the assumptions and narratives which come cooked into every year of Group: can someone break Korean clubs’ dominance? Can THE UNITED STATES field a world-class Category of Legends team? Is this the entire time that Taiwanese clubs can duplicate the feat of Taipei Assassins?

But really, from the chance for enthusiasts to experiment with these notions. MSI is nearly an exhibition event, but it’s close. As much as G2 Esports is getting castigated for blowing off MSI and getting eliminated early clearly, I find myself sympathetic with their logic. Participating in for better local seeding is obviously an motivation, but it isn’t quite as important as the Tournament Circuit points on the line in the Planting season and Summer months. For teams that contain just emerge from important seasonal playoffs and are looking down the barrel of an extended summer before Worlds in the fall season, the stakes just aren’t the same at MSI.

While using mixed group level concluded, SK Telecom still have an opportunity to redeem themselves, but they’ll have to defeat Royal Never QUIT first. Meanwhile, whatever the final result of the playoffs, CLG may curently have received. CLG’s staggering comeback against RNG did concur that the American champions are perhaps one of the coolest & most resilient teams around. We might not know for sure what weight-class they belong in, but they’re certainly with the capacity of punching above it.